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  • Wounds on the Face: How Makeup Affects Them in the Healing Process and How to Reduce Scar Noticeability

    Scarring in and of itself is hard to deal with. Especially if the scar is somewhere noticeable. For instance, having a scar on the face could really impact a person's day to day lifestyle. A scar in a place where everyone can see it all of the time might make someone extremely self-conscious.

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  • Eczema Part 2: How Scarring Occurs and How to Reduce Scars from Eczema

    If you are returning for part two of the Eczema series, then you are already caught up on the cause of this skin condition and the remedies for it. If you haven’t yet read part one, it could help you to understand the medical facts concerning eczema and how to handle this during the cold winter months.

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  • Eczema Part 1: How Winter Affects Eczema and Some Remedies

    Eczema is a skin condition that affects 31.9% of people in the United States. Some outgrow their eczema while others continue to deal with it throughout their lives. It can be perplexing, troublesome and embarrassing.

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  • Podiatry: Your Feet and How to Reduce Scars on Them

    Many of us take ample time to care for our face and neck areas, but except for the occasional pedicure, few of us spend much time taking care of our feet. Just like anywhere else on our bodies, our feet are prone to scarring after injury or surgery. These scars may be very noticeable in sandals and may cause pain and irritation when rubbed against our shoes.

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  • Age and Its Effect on Wound Healing and Scarring

    In a perfect world, wounds would always heal quickly, easily and without interruptions. However, we live in an imperfect world where there are conditions affecting the wound healing process every second of the day. Age is one of the many factors that influences wound healing and scarring.

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  • Stretch Marks: How They Form and How to Improve Their Appearance

    If you are someone who has stretch marks, you have probably already tried or are highly considering trying to get rid of them. For most, stretch marks are an unwanted skin condition that tends to get in the way of body confidence. These grooves and lines in your skin are not dangerous, nor are they harming your overall health, however they aren't something we generally want to see on our bodies.

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  • 5 Things to Take Care of After a C-Section to Ensure a Healthy Recovery

    After your baby is delivered and your C-section incision is closed, there are still many steps to ensure that the healing process goes smoothly. Your doctor is going to give you a list of “dos and dont’s” following the procedure. Ignoring these tips from your surgeon can delay the healing process and interfere with the best possible outcome regarding any scarring.

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  • Fundamentals of Reducing Surgical Scars Preoperative and Postoperative

    Injuries and scarring can happen anywhere on the human body. While some scars are accidentally caused, others are anticipated due to planned surgical procedures. The skin differs from area to area, necessitating a variety of treatment plans for the reduction of surgical scars.

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  • Studies Suggest Vitamin D Can Help Burns to Heal and Prevent Scarring

    Taking an adequate dose of vitamins has been known to keep your body supplied with essential nutrients that you might not receive from your everyday diet. Adding a multivitamin to your routine helps to take the pressure off to be certain that your daily diet is offering the proper nutrients needed to stay healthy.

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  • How to Treat and Prevent Toddlers’ Scars

    As a child begins to move, crawl and walk, getting hurt is something that cannot be avoided. This is a natural phenomenon of growing up that every child goes through. Parents can take any amount of precautions, but little ones are always going to find a way to hurt themselves. We cannot supervise every second of the day to make sure that they are never injured. Accidents can happen at preschool, at daycare or even when we turn away for a split second. Injury is an inevitability.

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