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  • 7 Tips to Combat Mole Removal Scars

    While most moles are harmless, when there is a suggestion that a mole might be harmful, they can be surgically removed.

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  • 7 Natural Tips for Minimizing Facelift Scars

    Facelifts are designed to improve a person’s physical appearance, but many people who undergo the procedure worry about the scars that may follow. You might not be aware that a facelift actually includes one of several different types of procedures. Some of the options for facelift procedures include the following:

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  • 8 Tips for Treating Scars from Mohs Surgery

    Many patients who have had skin cancer surgery worry about resulting scars. It’s certainly reasonable because skin cancer most often affects a person’s face along with other areas that are often seen by the public.

    Mohs surgery was created to minimize scarring by creating the smallest surgical wound possible. The danger in Mohs surgery, however, is that the toughest outer layers of skin are removed during the surgery; making the skin in that area more susceptible to damage. This article will review some of the important steps to follow after receiving Mohs surgery to minimize the impact of long term scarring.

    Tip # 1 - Be Patient

    Statistics show that Mohs surgery is an effective and safe surgery. While the healing process is quick in some individuals, other times the healing process is prolonged. It is very important that patients give their body the time it uniquely needs to recover from this procedure.

    Tip # 2 - Limit Exposure To The Sun

    Many Mohs surgery patients might know that it is important to avoid direct exposure to the sun, but it is critical to follow this advice. Even if the cancerous part of the skin has been removed, the remaining layers are even more susceptible to being damaged by the sun. It is important that after Mohs surgery, a person takes all precautions to cover the vulnerable area when outside for an extended period of time. NewGel+ offers a sunblock stick that is easy to apply and safe for tender skin.

    Tip # 3 - Protect The Wound

    Because Mohs surgery removes the protective part of a person’s skin, make sure to properly treat the remaining exposed area of skin gently. This advice is not only regarding sun exposure, but other threats of irritation or pressure.

    Tip # 4 - Use High Quality Treatment Products

    The skin surrounding the Mohs surgery wound requires significant attention and care. Conscientiously follow your doctor’s orders. You may benefit by using several skin care products based on what will best help your body. It is important to remember that because each Mohs surgery is slightly different, the exact products patients need to use varies.

    Tip # 5 - Keep the Wound Moist

    Not just with Mohs surgery, but any type of wound heals better if the area is kept moist. In many cases if a scar develops over a person’s Mohs surgery site, it means the area was allowed to become too dry. Patients may be advised to keep their wound sufficiently moist by applying ointment to the area. Creating a barrier to water loss is important and can also be accomplished with silicone sheeting which would be applied after the wound has closed.

    Tip # 6 - Limit Activity

    Immediately after Mohs surgery, patients should limit activity to avoid stretching the site of the wound. It is important to remember that after skin cancer surgery, the affected area is temporarily not as strong as it once was. If the affected area involves a body part that often bends or moves, it is especially important to follow this advice until the wound has an adequate amount of time to heal.

    Tip # 7 - Signs that Healing Is Not Occurring Properly

    It is imperative that a patient knows the signs that a wound is not properly healing and learns how to respond to these signs in a timely way. One of the most common symptoms is bleeding from the site. In these situations, the patient should hold firm pressure to the area for 20 minutes. Another common healing problem is infection, which involves expanding redness, warmth and tenderness at the affected site. If a patient experiences either bleeding that continues after pressure or infection, immediately contact the physician.

    Tip #8 - Find the Scar Treatment Gel You Need

    These are just some of the best steps to take to avoid the lasting effects that a skin cancer surgery scar can have. Browse the NewGel+ collection of silicone gel scar treatment products to find the best choices for your Mohs surgery scar. Silicone has long been recognized for its ability to aid in flattening, reducing and fading scars, which can prove to be particularly valuable if you are recovering from Mohs surgery.


  • 5 Nutrients That Assist Scar Healing

    Anyone who has experienced scarring knows that the healing process can take a painfully long time, leaving many of us searching for ways to hurry it along. While there is no simple solution to perfect healing from many wounds, the right combination of diet and supplements can significantly speed up the process and improve any scarring that may result.

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  • Famous Movie Characters with Scars

    Have you ever wondered why the writer would give a famous character a scar? Maybe to show the past pain that made them the bad guy they are now, maybe as proof from the fights against the bad guy in their story, or maybe to make them seem more human to the people watching on the big screen.

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  • What Happens When a Scar Becomes Dehydrated?

    Scars are stories, a person’s past written on their body. A scar helps us hold onto a memory. They bring us back to a specific time and place. These recollections, however, can bring about a wide range of emotions. Scars can make us cry, or smile, maybe even make us laugh. In this way, scars can be such a beautiful thing, reminding us that our pasts are what make us who we are.

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  • The Truth About Stretch Marks

    Whether it’s losing those extra holiday pounds, having that beautiful baby, fluctuating muscle tone, puberty or hormonal changes, stretch marks are an inevitable part of life. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone that welcomed the arrival of stretch marks, no matter the reason. For example, though babies are considered to be worth the pain and sleepless nights, many new mothers feel embarrassed about their stretch marks. The bad news is that pregnancy makes women’s bodies more vulnerable to stretch marks. The good news is that stretch marks can be treated. In this article, we’ll address what stretch marks are, what causes them, whether they can be prevented, and what kinds of treatment options are available once they do appear.

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  • Keloids: Prevention and Treatment

    By definition, a keloid is an area of irregular fibrous tissue formed at the site of a scar or injury.  Keloids are often the result of any kind of trauma to the skin’s surface — including surgery, injury, piercing or tattoo. If you start treatment 7-10 days after the injury occurs, it can help reduce the risk of keloid scar formation. Keloids differ from normal scar tissue in composition and size. For example, compared to hypertrophic scarring, which takes place at the center of the wound site, keloids occur around and outside the boundary of the wound, wherever healthy skin cells are. Some people are more prone to keloids than others, as they are considered to be hereditary. People with darker skin are 15 to 20 times more likely to get keloids after an injury. Keloids are also more common in people younger than 30, in pregnant women, and in teens during puberty. Keloids are more likely to form on certain body parts such as one's chest, shoulders, earlobes, and cheeks.

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  • How to Get Rid of Scar Tissue after Breast Implants

    Breast implants can be a terrific way to boost or restore self esteem for many women due to sagging, smaller size, or other sources of dissatisfaction. Nowadays, there are so many breast implant surgeries being done, that it is considered a commonplace procedure. However, there are potential risks involved in any surgical procedure, including difficulties in post-surgery healing. Patients must be closely monitored and follow-up appointments are essential for the best possible outcome. In order for the breast implant surgery to be a success, patients should strictly follow all guidelines set by the doctor for both pre- and post-operative care.

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  • Is Aloe Vera Effective for Burn Scars?

    We’ve all been told to treat a mild to bad sunburn with aloe vera gel. This is because of the gel’s cooling and anti-inflammatory properties. But does aloe vera treatment help reduce the scarring that results from a more severe burn? There are a few fundamental questions to resolve before determining the best course of treatment for burns that could lead to scarring.

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