Size 10 Tubular Elastic Netting - Extra Large Chest, Back or Abdomen (NG-710)

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Size 10 Tubular Elastic Netting - Extra Large Chest, Back or Abdomen (NG-710)

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Stretchy, breathable netting helps keep the silicone gel sheets or strips snug against the skin. Also works well for any type of bandages or dressings resulting from injury or surgery.

One Piece, 24 in (61 cm) long stretches to 38 in wide



Item number: NG-710

All NewGel+ silicone strips, sheets and shapes are manufactured in a way to produce maximum silicone stickiness without damaging tender skin upon removal. We are able to do this without using any potentially irritating adhesives. However, some customers find that due to active lifestyles, hot climates, and scars on particularly mobile body parts--joints, fingers, hands etc.--they need a little extra help to keep the products in place all day. The netting is also great to help prevent "little hands" from pulling at the silicone strips.

Size 10 is recommended for scar sites on extra large sized chests, backs and abdomens. Netting lengths may be cut down to size and may be enough for multiple pieces to use.

  • Holds NewGel+ Silicone products securely in place in areas with a lot of movement.
  • Conforms well to the body without tightening / constricting
  • Designed to allow maximum air flow.
  • Each piece is easy to customize by cutting it to the optimal size.
  • Threads can be snipped to form holes for arms if needed.
  • Can be removed and reused.
  • Contains no latex.

Size: Each package contains approximately 24 inches of compressed netting that stretches to 38 inches wide. 

Additional Information

Additional Information



  • Using your fingers, open the netting and slip it over the area being treated, making sure it overlaps the NewGel+ sheeting by at least 3 inches on all sides
  • Netting may be doubled (folded back over itself) to provide a more secure fit
  • Carefully cut off the unused portion of the netting . The unused portion should be kept and used later,


  • Do not apply on open wounds.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Non-Sterile.